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The library at Carmel College is fully automated with Libsys software for its efficient and effective functioning.  The Library caters to the requirements of both the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate students. It has a collection of 3, 7920 books, 100 magazines and 100 journals. Apart from books on various subjects of study, of which it has a huge collection, there is a wide variety of fiction, mainly classics, but also light reading to fill the leisure time of its users. Books are attractively displayed and storage arrangements are adequate.The Reference Section contains general as well as subject encyclopedias and dictionaries of a very high standard. Internet and wi-fi facilities are also provided by it for both staff and students. Regular book exhibitions are held on important occasions. To encourage the habit of reading among the students, regular book review competition is held. Carmel College library has open access with a sitting capacity for 200 students. Computer facilities are made available to the students specially for their project work. Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility is available in the campus. The footfalls in the library are recorded using a custom designed software.

The Reference Section contains general as well as subject encyclopedias and dictionaries of a very high standard.

The Library subscribes to a large number of magazines and journals.  All are encouraged to make the best use of this facility.  From time to time these collections are displayed in the library for the benefit of all. Computer facilities are made available to the students.


RULES & REGULATIONS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


An identity card is a must for all library transactions.

Mutilation, writing, scribbling, marking, cutting the pages are acts that will be severely dealt with.

Smoking, eating food and drinking beverages is not allowed inside the Library.

No material from the Library should be taken out without proper issuing at the circulation counter.

Keep the library clean. Use the dustbins kept in the library to deposit any waste material.

Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the library.

Exchange of I-Card or Library card is not allowed.

If any book is lost the borrower is liable to replace it.

A late fee of Re.2 per day per book shall be charged for those who fail to return the book on the due date.

In order to offer easy access and hands on experience on the books, open access is provided to the entire library collection. Students are allowed to browse through the shelves and issue the desired book.




1 Undergraduate Students Two books for a period of four days.
2 Postgraduate Students Five books for a period of eight days.
3 Lending Books Unlimited

LIBRARY TIMINGS:                                                                                                                                                     

Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Saturday: 8AM – 3PM

Sr. Samanta A. C
Ms. Smesha  K. Pednekar
Librarian Grade I