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    Department of History

The more you know about the past, the more prepared you are for the future’’ – Theodore Roosevelt.

The objective of the department is to encourage the learning of history as it takes us back to our roots, tradition and culture and helps us to avoid the mistakes of our past and plan for the future.

The Department of History organizes a number of activities ranging from National- level seminars, workshops, inter-college events, study tours, besides observing days of national importance.

The department in collaboration with MARG has founded a Civic Club, to cultivate in our students a sense of civic consciousness.  Yet another highlight is a certificate course ‘History through Heritage’, annually organised by the department, to instil in our students a love for heritage and its preservation. The Department has seen outstanding results at the Third Year level, with students topping in the subject and being awarded the prestigious Peter Alvares Award.

History offers several career opportunities in the areas of Postgraduate Studies in History, Archaeology, Museology, Latin American Studies, Research leading to Ph.D, Competitive Exams like I.A.S, U.P.S.C, G.P.S.C, Law, Journalism, Teaching , Police Services, Management Studies, Travel and Tourism and Politics.

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Ms. Leila Ribeiro
Associate Professor & Head of Department
Sanford Pereira
Assistant Professor
Agnelo Dias
Assistant Professor
Anette Gomes
Assistant Professor