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Placement and Internships

The Placement Cell at Carmel College was set up in 2006. Campus interviews were held for the first time in 2007. Career guidance talks, workshops and short-term courses on work and life skills are conducted regularly by the Placement Cell. If more than 15 students are interested in interviewing with a particular company/institution, interviews are conducted on the college premises. On some occasions our college is the nodal college for interviews in the south Goa region and we make arrangements as per requirement and invite students from the other colleges in the neighbourhood to participate.
Since 2018, a Placements and Internships fair is organised on the last two days of February. In 2018, the college invited A career training provider, The Leader, to provide intensive training to our students in interview techniques and answering entrance exams. In March 2019, the career fair was held as scheduled on the last two days of February. 12 job offers were immediately available to students who would be graduating with a median salary of ₹22,000. However, no student accepted the offer due to the Covid – 19 emergency.

The internship programme in the college makes it mandatory for every student to complete at least one internship during the three years of their undergraduate programme. Every student must do an internship of their choice (preferably in their chosen subject area) which can last between a period of 15 days to a month and the student must hand over a certificate from the concerned employer/company on successful completion of the internship.

The goal of the internship is to foster a sense of responsibility in our students. We believe that inculcating a strong work ethic in the early stages is imperative for their success in the workplace. Students also learn important lessons in team-building, discipline and leadership. Through this mandatory internship, our students are empowered with the confidence and knowledge to tackle the working environment.