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    Department of Konkani

The Department aims to train students to be proficient in the official language of Goa by speaking correctly and writing according to the guidelines given by the Konkani Akademy. Students are sensitized to the rich language of Konkani written in five scripts: Devanagri,  Kannada, Roman, Malayalam and Arabic.

Accordingly the Department regularly conducts curricular and co-curricular   activities like workshops in Tiatr and Street Play acting and dialogue delivery  , guest lectures by authors from Goa and Karwar, Inter Collegiate Poetry Competition,  field trips, study tours to Bhatkal and Hasan, Mangalore to interact with people writing in the Kannad and Arabic scripts.

Students graduating with a Konkani degree are mostly employed as school teachers, lecturers translators, comperes and research assistants .

Activities conducted by the department Our ex-students exceling in different fields
Sao Joa Copel Competition 2019

Study trip to Mangalore World
Konkani Centre 2019

Body buider Viola Rodrigues

Hazel Rodrigues , Sales Advisor ,Excess Baggage ,
Heathrow Airport


Ms. Queenie Marietta Brenda Viegas
Associate Professor & Head
Mrs. Pooja Ratnaker Sangodker
Assistant Professor
Ms. Cialini Judith Fernandes
Assistant Professor
Ms. Shubha Dilip Sinai Barad
Assistant Professor