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Student Discipline 


1. Carmel College always expects its students to conduct themselves with dignity, decency and decorum, they are expected to keep up to a very high moral and social  behaviour even outside the college campus so as to keep up the name of the college.

2. All the students are responsible to the college for their conduct on the College premises. Students of this college shall abide by the rules that may be made by the Principal or by the persons authorized by her from time to time.  Disobedience, misconduct, misbehavior, sexual harassment or failure to comply with any of the rules will entail punishment including expulsion from the college.

3. Every student must wear  the College Identity Card during college hours, college and University examination. Failure to do so will entail a fine of Rs.100/- per violation.  The Identity Card shall be returned to the College Office without fail for cancellation when the students leave the college.

4. No student should invite any outsider to attend classes, functions or for any other purpose without the prior permission of the Principal.

5.Students applying for certificates, testimonials, letters of reference or any other document requiring the Principal’s signature should apply for the same in writing and claim them from the office after three days.  No papers should be brought by the students directly to the Principal or Vice-Principal for signature.

6.Students should take particular care to be punctual at all lectures &  practicals. Absence from a single lecture must be justified in writing and if prolonged illness is the cause, a medical certificate  must be submitted on the day of resuming class. On duty record for absence due to participation in activities to be submitted on the following  day of the activity.

7. A minimum of  75% attendance in lectures and  practicals is required for students to answer their Semester End Examination.  The attendance shall be taken for each lecture/practical separately. In case of science students, attendance for both theory and practicals shall be separately tabulated. Students will have to satisfy 75%  criteria separately for theory and practicals. As per OA.17.3, students having less than 75% attendance will be debarred from answering the Semester End Examination.

8. Any  student  having grievance  about her attendance  should notify the college  Principal in writing within  three days from the date of declaration  of attendance on the College Notice Board.

9. Students should read the notices displayed on the College notice board from time to time.  However, some urgent notices may be read out in the class-rooms.

10. Ragging is a cognizable offence and is banned in the institution.  Anyone found indulging in ‘ragging’ is likely to be punished appropriately, which may include expulsion from the college by the Principal (as per directives received from Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Goa No. 9/2/2001/HE/415 dated 07/03/2005).

11. Students will form no association and will arrange no meetings in the College,  without prior permission of the Principal.

12. Students should not loiter in the college corridor or cause disturbance on the  College premises while the classes are in progress or at any other time.

13. Smoking on the college premises is strictly prohibited.

14. Students are expected to take proper care of the college property and to help in keeping the premises neat and tidy; damage done to the college property is a breach of discipline and will be dealt with  severely.

15. Students will refrain from selling  tickets or coupons of outside organizations  in the college without the prior permission of the Principal.

16. Letters received by day scholars, will not be delivered to them.  Students are requested not to give the college address for their personal mail

17. Students are not allowed to use cell phones in the classrooms. Violation of this  rule, would result in confiscation.

The decision of the Principal in all matters shall be final and binding on all students.