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    Department of Economics

The Department is committed to excellence in teaching, research and all-round development of students. We endeavor to provide the students with analytical skills and enthuse them to think critically about the economic issues.  We aim to create awareness in our students on the economy-environment inter-linkages and to encourage them to engage in local, national and global economic policy and issues.

To make the teaching learning process  effective and interactive the department conducts a number of activities not  only relevant to the curriculum but which also help the students to get acquainted and  updated with the current issues, develop critical thinking as well as prepare them for career opportunities.

Some of the activities conducted are student seminars, debates, policy analysis, article synopsis and reviews, field trips, study tours and add-on and skill enhancement courses.  The department strives to equip our students with skills to be committed and dynamic women leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, employees and educationists.

Dr. Anna Rovina Ferrao Fernandes
Assistant Professor & Head of Department
Mrs Glancy Borges
Assistant Professor
Ms. Rivya Dias
Assistant Professor
Ms. Pooja Rajesh Yadav
Assistant Professor