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The  Konkani  Department students of Discipline  Specific Elective  [Semester  II] accompanied by Faculty member Ms. Queenie Viegas went on a field trip to Dr. Francis Luis Gomes District Library in Navelim in compliance with the syllabi on 1st April 2022 from 2.00 to 4.00 pm.

The main aim of this field trip was:

  • To get the students to visit a place of literary importance.
  • To learn to document evidence and write a report of it. 

As a part of their curriculum the students have to visit places of historical and literary importance, cultural significance and write an assignment on it. 24 students visited Dr. Francis Luis Gomes District Library in Navelim and were given a guided tour by the respective staff on each floor. The students acquainted themselves with various books and magazines in Konkani as well as of other subjects. They were happy to see the New testament written in Devnagri  script and were  impressed with the collection of books on various topics and clicked photos of books of importance.

Many decided to visit the library regularly for reference work and also to recommend various books for assignments to their siblings.