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The Department of Economics of Carmel College organised an online demonstration workshop on vegetable gardening on 1st October 2020 for students and faculty and others interested in gardening.

Dr. Rovina Fernandes, Head of the Department welcomed the participants. Ms Rivya Dias said a short prayer invoking God’s blessings. Sister Dr. Maria Lizanne A.C. the Vice -Principal addressed the participants and congratulated the Department of Economics for the efforts in organizing the workshop on vegetable gardening and said it is fun as well as rewarding specially during the COVID times. Ms Rivya Dias introduced the Resource Person of the workshop.

Ms. Liza Pinheiro, a Graduate in Agriculture from Don Bosco College of Agriculture Sulcorna was the Resource person of the workshop. She beautifully demonstrated every step undertaken in vegetable gardening, right from the preparation of soil for cultivation in small space to sowing the seeds. She demonstrated the cultivation of spinach, coriander, cluster beans, okra, chilly, cucumber etc. She also suggested alternate ways of growing vegetables like growing in paint buckets, grow bags, plastic bottles, tiffin boxes etc. She also demonstrated the different methods of manuring and suggested various pest control methods. She informed that the waste from our kitchen can act as a good source of manure to the plants. There are several advantages of vegetable gardening. It improves the health of a person as people can consume fresh fruits and vegetables grown in their garden and the vitamin content will be at its highest. Gardening is a natural stress reliever, being outside in the fresh air and sunshine improves mood and rejuvenates.

Ms.Glancy Borges, faculty of the Department, proposed the vote of thanks. The workshop was very informative and received good participation from students, faculty as well the general public.