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11 Students of Konkani Honours Carmel College, Nuvem ,were taken on a study tour to Karwar on 30th September 2019 inorder to acquaint the students with the novel Kali Ganga which they are studying. The novel written by Saraswati Sanman awardee Mahabaleshwar Sail created a stir in the world of Konkani literature. The novel takes the reader on a unique journey along the river. The people, the animals, orchards and fields, the hillocks that roll as far as the eye can see. The villages that nestle by the river with the traditional fairs and temple festivals, pictures that are evoked with a rare descriptive clarity. The students accompanied by their teachers Ms. Akalpita Desai and Ms. Queenie Viegas viewed the place , interacted with the people , saw the river Kali Ganga which is depicted in the novel.
The students also took a tour of the warship museum and the beautiful rock garden a haven for all tourists. The Warship museum is an INS Chapel that was used for naval warfare in the Indo -Pak war of 1971. The mannequins and other statues provide an overview of the roles played in a warship. The rock garden depicts the various communities of Karwar.