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The Department of economics organised various competitions for the students on “Awareness of COVID 19” on 25th   October 2020. A total of 27 entries were received for the same. The competitions included were “Lockdown Blues”-an essay competition, “Doodle Art” and “Jingle”.

The winners were as follows:

Lockdown Blues

1st place: Rachael Rodrigues (TYBA)

2nd Place: Simran Miranda (MA-II) and Gina Lobo (MA-II)

3rd  Place: Sybal Rego (FYBCom)

Doodle Art Competition

1st  place: Lizanne Rodrigues (SYBsc) and Cleffa Pereira (SyBCom)

2nd  Place: Varshitaa Naik

3rd  Place: Neha Tresa (FYBCom)


1st place: Sybal Rego (FYBCom)

2 nd Place: Lizanne Rodrigues (SYBsc)

3rd  Place: Amisha Haldankar (TYBsc)

The winners and the participants were awarded e-certificates.