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SEC Konkani Students  of  FILM  NIRMITI PARISCHAY  went out  for the Konkani  movie Pedru Poder on 2nd March 2020 at Ravindra Bhavan  , Margao  along with the department faculty. The film directed by Jojo D’Souza and produced by Deepak Bandekar  deals with the topic of the traditional poder  who is looked down and made fun of by the people. He takes up the challenge of Daisy’s father to come up to his standards and then ask for Daisy’s hand. He works hard and bakes pastries along with bread and amasses wealth helped by his father in law’s partnership. He later realizes his mistake of trying to grow rich at the cost of his human nature.

He decides to get  back to his old house and friends and traditional pao  baking and is assisted by his wife and kid.


                                              Students and faculty with the   producer, director and cast of the movie.