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Udipi born Mr. Valley Quadras,   poet and editor of visited Carmel College and delivered a guest lecture on DIGITAL KONKANI:   HISTORY AND ITS  FUTURE  on 2 nd March 2020. 30 students   of Semester IV AND VI attended the lecture.  Based in Mumbai Mr. Quadras  was visiting Goa for release of his 3   books on Poetry, short stories and a book on war writings.


Mr . Quadras  gave a brief history about the Digital writings in Konkani  and how the Konkani short stories , poetries and even a novel is available to the readers in a digital form. Stressing on the fact that reading is lacking among the youth he urged them to listen to the Konkani literature available on you tube and also encouraged them to contribute poetries and short stories in digital form for contests online.

The students were amazed at the opportunities available to them online. The session ended with an assurance from the students to making an attempt to trying out making contributions.