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On Mar 13, 2019, 48 students of B.Sc (Chemistry) Sem IV and Sem VI accompanied with 5 faculty members went for an educational visit to Goa Chitra, Benaulim with an aim to preserve the past and enrich the future.

The curator, Mr. Victor Gomes, gave us an introductory session on the past richness of our state. Later we were headed by the guide to the Portuguese colony of Goa having a large collection of 4000 artifacts. Focusing on Goa’s traditional Agrarian technology and lifestyle, so one could see the traditional farming equipment and tools of trade and modes of transport and other artifacts displayed against the backdrop of an organic farm. Each display was supported by an explanation about its purpose by interviewing the older generation who still uses them. A replica of Christian and Hindu place of worship was also showcased. At the end, we visited a gallery having different kinds of paintings, books, accessories, etc.

It can be concluded that the visit to Goa Chitra was successful and we believe that our objective was achieved. We learnt how to preserve our heritage and tradition for the betterment of our future generation