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Department: Chemistry

Type of Appointment: Regular

Email Address:

Educational Qualifications: MSc

Years of Teaching Experience: 31 years

Subjects Taught: Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Areas of Interest: Applied Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis, Reactions & applications of Coordination Compounds.
Coordination Chemistry in metallurgical processes.
Inorganic synthesis &  Analysis.
Hybrid Nanomaterials.
Application of nanotechnology in regenerative medicine.
Laboratory equpiment maintenance & operation.

Awards and Honours: BOLT AWARD 2003 (GOA) (Bold Outlook Learner Teacher)

Extracurricular activities/hobbies: Reading, Music & performing arts, Student mentoring, Chemsparx Club activities, Studying Foreign languages, Working with an NGO, Community Service, Improving verbal & written communication skills.