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Designation: Associate Professor

Department: Commerce

Type of Appointment: Permanent

Email Address:

Educational Qualifications: M.Com, B. Ed, SET

Years of Teaching Experience: 25 years

Subjects Taught: Financial Management, General Management, International Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Business Environment

Areas of Interest: Finance, Entrepreneurship

Research Papers Published/Presented (Paper title, Publication Name/Conference Name, page number, volume, month and year):

1.Entrepreneurship-A study of entrepreneurs in catering business. Published in International Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research, Feb2017, ISSN 2319-5789
2.Social Networking sites and Applications-A study of Youth Preferences in South Goa. Journal of Advance Management Research. Feb 2018,Vol 6,Issue 2
3.Complaint management and customer satisfaction: An empirical study of mobile phone users in Goa Published in Ajanta -An international Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal .ISSN 2277-5730. Volume VIII,Issue -1 ,Jan-March
4.Marketing Food Products in Goa :An Empirical Study. Published in Ajanta-An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal Volume VIII,ISSUE1,Jan -March2019 ISSN2277-5730.
5.The Service Sector of India-An Overview. Published in Ajanta-An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal ISSN 2277-5730
6.Private V/s government Sponsored Horticulture Kiosks-A study of consumer Preferences. Published inquest-The GCCE Peer Reviewed Journal of Multi disciplinary Research. ISSN 2395-2768, Vol IV Issue1 Jan-Dec2019.

Awards and Honours: Award for motivating students for taking up Entrepreneurship by ICreate.

Extracurricular activities/hobbies: Gardening, Cooking