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Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: Zoology

Type of Appointment: Contract

Email Address:

Educational Qualifications: M.Sc.

Years of Teaching Experience: 5 years

Subjects Taught: Zoology, Nutraceuticals(Food technology), Environmental science

Areas of Interest: Biodiversity, toxicology.

Research Papers Published/Presented (Paper title, Publication Name/Conference Name, page number, volume, month and year):


  • AvelynoD’costa, Soorambail K. Shyama, Praveen Kumar M. K. and Swizzle Furtado (2017). Genotoxic and Biochemical Biomarker Responses in Meretrix CastaExposed to Environmentally Relevant Concentrations of Cadmium.Journal of Biosensors Biomarkers and Diagnostics 2(1):1-7


Papers presented

Presented a paper on “Antioxidant potential of Vitamin E and Vitamin A against D-galactosamine induced hepatitis in mice (Mus musculus)” at the National Seminar on “Life & Life Processes: Sustainable development” held from 19th to 21st February, 2015 at Goa University.

Awards: Gold medal for securing highest marks in M.Sc. Zoology, Goa University

Extracurricular activities/hobbies: Bird Watching and Reading