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Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: Chemistry

Type of Appointment: Regular

Email Address:

Educational Qualifications: MSc, NET, Ph.D.

Years of Teaching Experience: 8 years

Subjects Taught: Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Areas of Interest: Material Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Magnetic Materials and Nanochemistry

Awards and Honours: BOLT AWARD 2003 (GOA) (Bold Outlook Learner Teacher)

Research Papers Published/Presented (Paper title, Publication Name/Conference Name, page number, volume, month and year):

2 Research papers

  1. Spin Canting and Surface Spin Disorder in Ni Substituted Co-Cd Ferrite Nanoparticles Synthesized by Fuel Deficient Combustion Method.

Daniel M. Coutinho and Dr. V.M.S. VerenkarJournal of Alloys and Compounds, 82 (2019) 392-403.

  1. Preparation, Spectroscopic and Thermal Analysis of Hexa-Hydrazine Nickel Cobalt Ferrous Succinate Precursor and Study of Solid-State Properties of its Nanosized Thermal Product, Ni0.5Co0.5Fe2O4.

Daniel M. Coutinho and Dr. V.M.S. VerenkarJournal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 128 (2017) 807-817.