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Second-year and Third-year online admission process

  1. The admissions for SY/TYBA/B.Sc/B.Com Degree Programmes is conducted by Directorate of Higher Education, Porvorim-Goa, through an online centralized process.
  2. Candidates seeking admissions for SY/TYBA/B.Sc/B.Com Programmes are requested to click on the following link :
  3. The portal will be open from today 17/08/2021 at 12.00 noon till 08/09/2021.
  4. Only eligible students will receive the payment link from the college via e-mail after 21/08/2021.
  5. SY and TY students can edit all the fields in their application form on the IAIMS portal. Students are expected to update their details to ensure that valid information about the student is updated in the system.
  6. For second year students, the payment link will be sent on 24/08/2021.
  7. For third year students, the payment link will be sent on 25/08/2021.


NOTE: Students experiencing technical difficulties with regards to logging-in or payment link not received, forward your quieries to email:

Please state your query precisely to avail proper resolution. Mention the following details in the email

1) Subject

2) Student Name, P.R./Application Number, Email ID, Mobile No., Graduating Year(SY or TY)

Provide the registered E-mail and Mobile Number only.