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The Department of Hindi had organized a Guest Lecture on the topic ‘Manak Hindi Vartani’ on 28th May 2022 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM in the IQAC room. The Guest lecturer was Aditya Dayanand Sinai Bhangui, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Hindi, Goa University. 46 students attended the Guest lecture.

Rubina Hadignar, a student of TYBA, welcomed the Guest Lecturer and Pratima Biswas, gave a brief introduction about him.

Aditya Sinai Bhangui spoke about the importance of Hindi language. The main objective of the lecture was to make the students understand important aspects of Standardized Hindi Spellings. Aditya in his talk mentioned that many of the students
make mistakes while writing and as a result the whole meaning of the sentence changes. To make students understand it in a better way he gave many examples.

Apart from this the speaker gave tasks to the students. Some words were told and students were asked to write it in their notebooks. Students enjoyed this session very much because they were able to learn the correct standardization of Hindi spellings. During the guest lecture Aditya Sinai Bhangui cleared all the doubts and queries of the students.

Students enjoyed the lecture very much as it was very much interactive and it helped them a lot. Manita Nedaniya from SYBA and Sakshi Borkar, TYBA student gave the feedback and expressed their gratitude towards the Guest lecturer. Simran Walikar
from TYBA gave a vote of thanks.