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The Department of Commerce in association with SSB Institute, Mumbai, organized a webinar on the 30th of March 2022 at 11.30 am. The talk was held on Google Meet. The topic of the webinar was Government Job Awareness 2022-2023. Fifty Students of T.Y.B.Com. registered for the session using a weblink provided by SSB Institute. The link for the webinar was

The speaker for the Session was Mr. Sukrut Bhushan, a mechanical engineer by profession and the founder of the SSB Institute.

Mr. Bhushan explained the various vacancies advertised by the Central and State Government such as Railways, MPSC and UPSC as well as vacancies in both scheduled and non-scheduled banks and insurance companies. Mr. Bhushan explained the process of applying for these various vacancies and gave the students tips on answering interviews and cracking the entrance test.

The session was an informative one and the students gained an understanding and insight to the various jobs available. At the end of the session students were asked to provide their feedback through the Google Form circulated by the Department of Commerce.