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“CreativeBurst” was the title of the innovative event jointly organized by the Consumer Welfare Cell and the Department of Economics which was held on December 17th, 2021, at Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem.  The event aimed to tap into the talents and creativity of the students and was held as an inter-class competition.  16 stalls exhibiting creative items made by the student groups, including 2 by ex-students impressed the judges, faculty and visitors by the creative display.  

 The stalls had paintings, home and Christmas décor, accessories, medicinal and ornamental plants, as well as creative snacks and drinks. The organising team of students also put up interesting games stalls adding to the excitement at the event.

The creative items displayed at each stall were judged on the bases of creativity, product characteristics, sales and style of presentation. The judges for this event were Jeffery Viegas – faculty of the Department of Chemistry and Nicole Coutinho – faculty of Department of Commerce who judged the stalls on the creativity, product characteristics and style of presentation.  

This event helped the students to showcase their talents and also earn some revenue for themselves from the sales. The stall put up by TYBSC students of Botany bagged the First Place while the Second-Place winner was Freya Fernandes, an ex-student.