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Ms. Mariette Valsan, model and actress, delivered a guest lecture on the topic: Que Chimba – A Glimpse of Colombia at Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem, Goa on 25th November.  Dr. Sr. Maria Lizanne A.C., Officiating Principal, welcomed Ms. Valsan to the college. Dr. Brian Mendonça introduced Ms. Valsan. Ms. Valsan informed the audience that ‘Que Chimba’ was ‘How cool’ in Spanish. She engaged the students in a discussion about Latin America and the culture of resistance as seen in Che Guevara. Ms. Valsan dazzled the students with her anecdotes of Colombia – sharing stories about its food, art, people, politics and language. Her presentation included photographs clicked during her travels as well as pictures and videos of her work as a model in Colombia. She urged students to do something outside one’s comfort zone, accept challenges as they come, and keep an open mind. Ms. Roxana Singh, Head of the Department of English which organized the event, invited Mariette to spend more time with the students through workshops. The attendees of the lecture were the TYBA English students, who have a paper on Travel Writing in their curriculum this semester. After the talk, students made short presentations on countries in Latin America.