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To commemorate the liberation of Goa, the Department of History organised a webinar on 14th December 2020, titled Today’s Issues- Tomorrow’s History.

Principal Dr. Aldina Braganza welcomed the gathering, while HOD Ms. Leila Ribeiro introduced the resource person who is well known International Jaycee Prime Trainer Mr. Jesus Ribeiro.

Mr. Ribeiro highlighted the burning issues of the day at the state, national and international levels. At the state level, he discussed the coal issue- how it is hazardous to the environment as well as to the health of the people of Goa. At the national level, the audience was made aware of the three new laws of the Government, which if implemented would cause the debacle of the farmers, while in the international sphere, Mr. Jesus highlighted on the Covid-19 issue- the body response to the virus varying from person to person and the vaccines that were in the making.

The webinar was open to all faculty and students of Carmel College. The total number of viewers on Google Meet and You Tube were 190. E- certificates were mailed at the end of the event.

The Coordinators for the event were Ms. Leila Ribeiro and Mr. Agnelo Dias, who also proposed the Vote of Thanks.