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The Department of Psychology, Carmel College of Arts, Science & Commerce for Women, Nuvem – Goa organized a virtual treasure hunt as an in – house, fast paced, energy boosting activity to create awareness among its students on managing the coronavirus pandemic.

On the 29 th  of October, 2020, 12 clues were posted on Instagram using #carmelcollegenuvem. Students had to guess the clues which were based on household items that are related to COVID such as surface disinfectants, sanitizers, masks, etc.

A total of 69 contestants registered for the activity. 40 entries were made, from which the three fastest entries with the maximum number correct items were chosen as winners.

Ms. Shania D’Costa from the FYBA bagged the first place being the only contestant to guess all 12 clues. Ms. Natasha Palha (SYBA) & Ms. Rochelle Fernandes (TYBA), guessed 11 clues and also made the entry at the same time, thus sharing the second fastest entry. Overall, the contestants appreciated the activity and found it an adrenaline rush, and a nice break from regular classes.