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ECON 2020- An Inter-Collegiate Festival of Knowledge, Skills, Creativity and Humour at Carmel College for Women.


The Department of Economics, Carmel College, organized ECON 2020, an inter-collegiate event which was held on 8th February on the theme, ‘Climate Change Concerns for Economies’.   The on-stage and off-stage competitions held at the event aimed to update students on the burning issue of climate change and its economic implications and to give them a forum to use  imagination and creativity to exhibit their knowledge, skills and ideas related to the theme.

At the inaugural, Vice-Principal, Dr. Sr.Maria Lizanne warmly welcomed the participants from different colleges. Dr. Rovina Fernandes, Head, Department of Economics explained the relevance of the theme  of ECON 2020 and stated that it is the individual and local community level committed efforts that have brought about the most positive change for the environment compared to the global climate deals and invited the youth to be ambassadors for climate. The thematic address was delivered by noted environmentalist,  Dr. Manoj Borkar, Head, Dept of Zoology, Carmel College.  He spoke about climate change as a grave threat to the sustainability of economies and the perils of neglecting the issue. Ms. Ihuda Iqbal, final year student of Economics of the college gave an inspiring presentation on  climate ambassadors from different countries and the benefits of their determined efforts.


In the off-stage sub-event, ‘Eco-Solutions’, participating teams prepared interesting eco-friendly models, illustrating the materials used and and explaining their practical usage to the judges. The models made included eco-housing, food bank, eco-fashion store, usage of sewage water and eco-soaps among others. The Dempo College team were adjudged the winners of this competition.  In another innovative off-stage event titled, ‘Game of Supremacy’, teams showcased their general awareness levels and played a game akin to snakes and ladders and the dice they got to roll on each  correct answer determined  their winning chances. The team from Government College, Quepem reigned supreme at this event. Ad-Valorem – The value-addition competition and eco-treasure hunt were other off-stage events in which students participated enthusiastically.

The on-stage competitions comprised of Eco-Fusion-a nature dance and Eco-Humour-a parody of global policies. In both these,  Government College, Quepem secured the first place.  The Championship Trophy of ECON 2020 was won by Rosary College, Navelim.  

The main sponsor of the event was the Bank of Baroda.Max Life Insurance and Smart Investments also supported the event.