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The Young Entrepreneurs Fair was held on the 7 th of January 2020 on the college campus. The students of B.Com, Semester VI put up different stalls, based on their skills, resources and abilities.

The Eco-Magic Stall showcased cloth bags, coconut crafts, pen stands, jewellery boxes, paper baskets, roses, dream catchers and hand embroidered handkerchiefs.

The stall named Handicraftd put up jute crafts, bicycles of jute and bracelets for sale. Handmade bags, wall hangings, flowers and cloth pouches were popular items among buyers at the fair.

Creatively designed gift boxes, quilled earrings and decorated bottles caught the attention at this exhibition-cum-sale. Handmade perfumed aromatic candles and explosion box were also available at the fair.

The stall named Hook the Cook sold an array of items such as momos, canapes, crispy chicken and blue lagoon drinks.

Restaurant style, freshly baked exclusive items like brownies, as well as doughnuts and cookies were sold by the stalled named “ The Baker’s Table”. The brownies were the fastest moving item at the fair due to its exquisite taste. The stall received great response with many buyers placing orders for the future.