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The Department of commerce in association with the Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise organised  a Life Saver International First Aid Certificate Course on 4th and 5th February 2020. The main objective of this course was to develop first aid skills among the students. The resource person for the course was Dr. Jorson Fernandes and his team from St John Ambulance Association of Goa. At the inaugural session the President of Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise briefed the students on the benefits  of doing the course and their role as life savers in emergency situations.


The course consisted of both theoretical and practical sessions covering topics related to first aid and emergency services. Some of the topics covered during the course were incident management and reporting, casualty management, conduct of physical examination and observance of vital signs of casualties, airway emergencies, treatment of wounds, first aid in case of medical injuries like heart attack, fits, concussions and strokes, first aid in case of poisoning and tying of slings and bandages. 


Mock drills were conducted, where the patient in need of medical attention were planted and were attended to by the students . The students had to answer a written and a practical exam. Certificates with a 3 year validity in elementary first aid were awarded to them.  21 students and 2 nonteaching staff benefitted from the course.