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In order to spread awareness  about the fast – spreading coronavirus, the Department of History, Carmel College , organized a detailed presentation of the same in three educational institutions – Carmel Higher Secondary – Nuvem, Holy Rosary Convent- Nuvem and Presentation Convent – Margao on 6th, 8th and 10th February 2020 respectively .

The team of students from the SYBA under the guidance of faculty member Mr. Agnelo Dias, delved into the causes of coronavirus, its transmission to humans by another animal originally from bats to civet cats to humans. The symptoms were highlighted including severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), government measures to prevent the spread of this infection and some facts and myths revolving round the CoV- 2019 virus. Students were shown a video by Dr. Peter Lin to make the presentation more effective. An interaction with the students by way of a series of questions and answers, helped consolidate the information in the minds of the listeners. The team of students making the presentation developed the skills of research, confidence and poise. The target audience benefitted from this informative session.