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The students of the TYBA (Psychology) visited the Nestle Factory, Ponda on the 1 st  February 2020. The factory is one of Asia’s biggest chocolate making factory and manufactures chocolates like KitKat, Munch, Bar One Milky Bar. It also exports chocolates to countries like Malaysian and the Middle East.

The 27 students were accompanied by Ms. Shweta Matonkar and Dr. Michelle Fernandes. The aim of the visit was to give students an insight into the working of a factory.

Ms Prithvi Velingkar, In-charge of Public Affairs, welcomed the students and briefed them about the safety procedures. Highlighting the fact that at Nestle they believe that “accidents are preventable” and that they have a strong safety culture for their employees as well as visitors. In accordance with this, the students were given safety shoes, coats and hair nets; they were then divided into two groups for the visit. The students were then taken on a tour of the entire factory after the mandatory cleanliness procedures.

The students were briefed on the history and products of Nestle and were later exposed to the various intricacies of its factory operations. Students were able to understand the production, marketing and packaging practices.