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The Department of Economics organized a talk for the students of FYBA – Economics, Entrepreneurship Development and the SYBcom students on “Legalities in Business” on 8 th  August 2019. The resource person for the same was Ms. Prasanna Timble, Founder Legawise, a start-up that helps entrepreneurs streamline legal processes and documentation. She emphasized on the varied legal aspects that an entrepreneur has to keep in mind when venturing into business, the type and form of organisation,   the different forms of appropriate licenses and registration that one needs to identify, such as Certificate of Environmental Clearance, Signage License, GST Registration, etc. Besides, she also made the audience aware of the legal documents that one needs to obtain such as sale deed, lease license and the like. Ms. Timble also gave the students an overview of Intellectual property Rights- Trademark, GI, Patent, etc. The session was well appreciated by faculty and students. A total of 89 students attended the session.