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Department of Physics, Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem, Goa, organized a Training Workshop on “Programming in Python’ its use in ExpEYES, on 08-02-2019 and 09-02-2019. This program was planned as a follow up of the earlier programmes conducted by the Department of Physics. Dr. Ajith Kumar, Scientist  G, from Inter University Accelerator Center, New Delhi and  Praveen Patil,   from GSS PU College, Belgaum were the resource persons for the programme. Along with Programming in Python code, the participants were also given training in the use of ‘expEYES’ (Experiments for Young Engineers and Scientists)computer interface, which works on Python code.It is the fourth revised version of PHOENIX (Physics with Home-made Equipment & Innovative Experiments), which use the power of personal computer for performing measurements and data analysis at various intervals of time (microsecond interval). It is interfaced to the computer by USB. It can function as a signal generator, frequency counter and oscilloscope.


There were about 30 teacher and student participants from Colleges from in Goa who attended the program. This workshop is supported by Directorate of Higher Education, Govt. of Goa. Dr. Ajith Kumar introduced Programming in Python and ExpEYES computer Interface to the participants. He gave a detailed description of the Kit with its user mannual.  The user manual documents over 50 experiments, that can be done using ExpEYES and Standard Accessory set. A few experiments based on concepts of physics and electronics were performed by the participants during the two day training program with the use the ExpEYES kit. The writing of Python code for a few experiments was also taught at the time of performing the experiment. Dr. Ajit explained the participants how the data acquisition/analysis at various intervals of time (microsecond interval) can be carried out. This accuracy is essential as the ability to perform experiments with reasonable accuracy, and opens up an entirely new path for learning science.