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Dr Manoj R. Borkar of the Zoology Department delivers an Invited Lecture at the Seminar organised by IIT Goa.

On 28th October, 2018, IIT Goa had organised a State level Seminar on ”  ‘Appropriate Technologies for Rural Sectors‘ under the aegis of CATeRS-IIT Goa. Dr Manoj R. Borkar of the Zoology Department was an Invited Resource Person for this seminar and delivered a lecture on ‘Reflections on some natural resource sectors in Goa, for Technological Interventions towards Optimized Utilization and Solutions’. Dr Borkar in his lecture identified 12 Key Areas in Rural Goa for technology interventions by IIT Goa. Among these potential areas, Dr Borkar detailed role of Algorithms, signal processing, computer vision, statistics and optimization in Bioacoustics for monitoring Frog populations in Goa with some case studies. He also explained in details the Non Lethal Carnivore Herbivore  Exclusion Barricade design (NLCHEB) for averting crop-raiding by Gaurs and other vermin in hinterland talukas of Goa. Dr Borkar also spoke at length on the need to formulate cost effective nutritive and nutraceutical foods using underutilised local tubers and vegetables to address malnutrition in socio-economically deprived population of Goa. Panel of  invited Speakers included Prof Milind Sohoni of IIT, Mumbai, Prof Nandakumar Kamat of Goa University, Prof Akshay Nigalye of Goa College of Engineering, Dr Sachin Tendulkar of Mineral Foundation of Goa and Srirang Jambhale of raikar School of Agriculture.