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To commemorate International women’s Day, the Women’s Cell organised a variety of activities on 6th and 8th March. The team of Rise Nation Army with their theme “ Mukhar Chal Chedva” Varun Carvalho and Irena conducted an empowering session for the students through dance and music, besides, Ms. Tallulah D’Silva spoke on the occasion and highlighted her experiences on how an empowered woman could lead and achieve her dreams. Ms. Irina who also spoke on the occasion, stressed on the aspect of ‘Me Time’ and its importance to a woman. On March 8th in collaboration with the YWCA various off -stage competitions such as Thread your creativity, T-Shirt painting, Group photo contest, Art and craft exhibitions were held. The various On-stage events held were Saree Draping contest and a fancy-dress competition on ‘Women in the 21st Century’. The prizes for the competitions were sponsored by the YWCA.