The annual event organized by the Department of Commerce, the Young Entrepreneurs Fair (YEF) was held on 16th December 2016.  The YEF is inspired by the entrepreneurial training programme of I Crete Inc, New York.  The objective of the fair is to concretize the knowledge gained by the commerce students in general and the participants of the Change the Mind Set (CMS) entrepreneurial training program in particular.  The fair also aims to provide students with experiential learning of real life, real time, market and business conditions as s method of curriculum enrichment.  It is also poised to spread entrepreneurship awareness to the entire student community of the college and their families and indirectly to the public at large.

Ms Jennifer Miranda was invited as a chief guest for the fair who is an entrepreneur herself and is also the founder of an NGO called AMI GOENKAR that provides assistance to interested entrepreneurs to help set up and run their own business.

Ms. Jennifer Miranda visited the stalls put up by the young student entrepreneurs.  She was appreciative of the idea, efforts and the skills of the students and provided some tips to each group to help them improve the product, product marketability, and information on parties and buyers who will be interested in the products sold by the students.

The young student entrepreneurs set up 11 stalls and operated under different vendor names such as Dazzlers, Stylo, X’mas Trimmings, Christmasy Bites, Crystalline, Street Food, The Goan Taste, Dreamy Designs, Eve’s Designs, Lucky Charms and Heart Catchers.

Items displayed and sold during this fair included: Bottle deco, paper deco, handmade bracelets, flowers of foam material, cloth pouches, jackets, Gift boxes, bookmarks, lanterns, stars, X’mas sweets like potato pudding, dodol, bibinca, kulkul, bolinas, traditional and novel pickles like prawn mole, brinjal etc.

The success of the fair was proved by the sales, the crowd and the positive feedback by the customers.

The popularity of the business ideas was again proved by the fact that the student entrepreneurs also received further orders from delighted customers.  They executed this orders till December which was the time limit of the execution of the orders.

Students acquired business skills of organizing an exhibition cum sale, analytical skills for consumer behavior and market study, product visualization, branding, order taking, billing, execution of orders, business ethics and an understanding the importance of quality and customer feedback in business.