The Department of History Carmel College, organised a one day workshop on Museology in collaboration with Goa Chitra on 27th February 2018. 19 students along with faculty of the Department Ms. Leila Ribeiro and Mr. Sanford Pereira attended the workshop. The Curator of the museum Mr. Victor Gomes welcomed the students and gave them a brief introduction on the role museums play in preserving our past heritage and culture.

The proceedings of the day began with a guided tour of the Goa Chakra. This museum is a tribute to the wheel which played an important role in the evolution of human history. The Goa Chakra contained several carts and other animal-drawn vehicles belonging to the yester years. This museum also contained spinning and weaving wheels from different parts of the country.

Next , the students visited Goa Chitra. This museum contained a beautiful collection of implements and tools from Goa’s agrarian past. The items on display were a result of 30 years of hard work and dedication of Mr. Victor Gomes. Students got an opportunity to see rare items such as various kinds of measuring units used in the olden days, fishing nets , barber’s   cobblers’ and goldsmith’s tools , distillation units etc

After an enriching tour of both the museums Mr. Gomes interacted with the students  highlighting the various kinds  of museums in Goa and the steps  involved in setting up and maintaining a museum. He ended by making the students aware of the tremendous scope Museology has to offers as a future career. Students left the premise well exposed and inspired to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Gomes