Department of Chemistry organised an industrial visit for TY BSc students to Nestle India Ltd, Ponda, Goa on Dec 6, 2016. The students were taken around the factory where they were shown the different parts of the plant. They were first shown the processing of the raw material, how they are cleaned and they delivered to the manufacturing unit by conveyor belts. From there the students were taken to the manufacturing unit where they were shown how the chocolates are manufactures. They were shown how the chocolates were ground and then mixed with the appropriate ingredients in large Vats. The manufacturing of Munch chocolate and Milkybar Choo were shown. Next the students were shown the oven where the chocolates are baked. The students then shown packing unit, where the chocolates are wrapped in wrappers and then packed in boxes and sealed. The students were then given a presentation on the History of Nestle Company, the different products that are manufactured at the Ponda plant and those that are manufactured at other plants. The visit ended at 1 pm, where the students were given complementary chocolates.