A group of 10 semester V Zoology B.Sc. students visited the ICAR- Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute and National Institute of Malaria Research on 29th September 2016. The students were accompanied by Dr. Subhadra Devi Gadi, Dr. (Sr.) Maria Lizanne A. C. and Ms. Swizzle Furtado. The group arrived at ICAR at 9.30 am, shortly after which the students visited the ICAR library which is well endowed with various books on agricultural sciences, animal husbandry, fisheries sciences and other related sciences.

The group was then accompanied by Dr. Rajkumar to the Animal Husbandry unit.

He explained about the various crossbreds of cattle in India and the need to protect the few indigenous varieties. The group visited the hatchery unit at poultry section followed by Rabbitry. The students then visited the Piggery, where four breeds of pigs are being reared viz. the Agonda Goan, the large white Yorkshire, the Duroc and the crossbred. Also at this unit, boar semen collection technique was shown and the students viewed live sperms under the fluorescence microscope. Next the group visited the fisheries section. Dr. Sreekanth explained about various programmes held by them. Then the group proceeded to microbiology laboratory which is equipped with all the latest instruments. Dr. Chethan Kumar explained about isolation and amplification of DNA by using PCR and Gel electrophoresis.

After the lunch break, the group visited National Institute of Malaria Research at Campal, Panaji. Here the students were given a brief explanation regarding the various ventures of the institute by Dr. Ajeet Kumar Mohanty. Later the group visited the insectory unit, the research laboratories and the mosquito feeding unit. Mosquito rearing and feeding laboratory situated at 18th June road was also visited where scientist in-charge Dr. Hemanth Kumar spoke about Falaria and Malaria control. Thus the trip was enlightening and informative.