5th September is a day dedicated to our lovely teachers as they are the reason why ordinary students dream of doing extraordinary things. Carmel College celebrated Teacher’s day on the 3rd of September in honor of all the dedicated staff at Carmel. The students put in their heart and soul to make this event a wonderful one for the teachers.

The hosts for the day were Gina Lobo and Jofira Gonsalves and the theme for the occasion was ‘Gifted to Gift’. All the staff members walked down the auditorium aisle to the beats of the song ‘fireball’. Elaine Furtado of FYBA and Sybil Fernandes of TYBA led everyone into prayer and thanked the Almighty for the gift of such amazing teachers with multiple talents who in turn are spreading their knowledge among their students.

Sr. Aradhana A.C. and Sr. Lizanne A.C. cut the Teacher’s day cake on behalf of the teaching and non-teaching staff. This was followed by dancing and singing performances by the students of various classes. A documentary was presented by the third year students to reveal their affection towards their teachers.

The hosts entertained the crowd by incorporating tons of exciting spot prizes for the teachers. After a few words put forth by the Principal a vote of thanks was proposed by Heloise Pinto which brought the event to an end.