As part of the Civic Club, the Department of History, Carmel College organised a talk cum demonstration on “Women’s Safety” for its students on 31st January 2017.The resource person Mr. Mahesh Kamat, was introduced by Head of Department Ms. Leila Ribeiro. Mr. Kamat began by shedding light on the pathetic condition of women’s safety and security in our country as well as in our state of Goa. He stated that women, although they belong to the fairer race, should be well – equipped to defend themselves in uncomfortable situations in a social environment. In this regard, he conducted a few exercises, to help improve the observational skills and alertness amongst students. The session concluded with Mr. Kamat along with his two assistants, demonstrating some basic defensive and offensive martial art techniques, which could be used if attacked by strangers. The programme ended with the Vote of Thanks.