The MA department Of Psychology ( Carmel College), in collaboration with COOJ participated in the Suicide prevention programme during the Suicide Prevention Week. The programme began at the First Friday Service (Mass), held in the College premises. The students and staff exchanged Yellow Ribbons as a symbolic gesture to help in promoting Suicide Prevention. Creative posters designed by the students of MA, adorned the walls in the college hall. The message was simple and clear- ‘Say NO to Suicide”


The MA students enacted a pantomime with a very strong message to school students and had a poster and slogan raising competition in three different schools. On 9th September at ‘Mae Dos Pobres high school, Nuvem, on 10th September at Rosary School, Fatorda and on 11th September at Holy Rosary Convent, Nuvem.


The pantomime revolved around the theme of Suicide prevention, where four different scenes were enacted. In each of the scenes, a student was traumatized either with ragging, or failure in exams or crossing boundaries in relationship and a break-up in relationship . The student then is at crossroads……….. Not knowing if she should end her life or begin to find a solution to the problem situation. In each of the scenes enacted, the student decides wisely by either going and meeting the teacher, the counselor, a grand-Parent or some friend. At the end of the pantomime the students of MA communicated a beautiful message through song and music. The lyrics of the song was composed by Cleon, cautioning young people against seeking to end their lives. The message promoted was “suicide is not an option. Life is beautiful and worth living”


The posters the school students created are currently displayed in the school corridors, so that all school students will read and the message will be embedded in their young minds.


Pamplets and posters, “Say No to Suicide”, were also distributed to all the students. September 8th to the 12th has been a challenging as well as fulfilling week for the MA department.