The Department of Physics, Carmel College for Women, Nuvem, organized a program on Astronomy on Saturday, 29th November 2014 from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Dr. Reshma S Raut Dessai, Assistant Professor in Physics from Chowgule College, Margao was the Resource Person for the program. There were students from Carmel College and Carmel Higher Secondary School, a few staff and parents of our students. Dr. Reshma Raut Dessai, an amateur Astronomer, spoke on “Advances in Space Technology and Carrier opportunities in Astronomy”. 60 participants attended the programme. It was followed by night sky observation through telescope.


In her talk prior to the night sky observation, she introduced the audience to our Solar System, our 5 billion years old Galaxy (Milky Way) and all our neighbors in the sky, with their distances from earth. Students were surprised know that the light that we receive from the stars at a distance of 100 light years is 100 years old i.e. the light from 100 light year distant star was emitted 100 years ago. (1 light year = distance travelled by light in one year =9.4605284 x 1012 kilometers). Each star has a life time. i.e. we see light from dead stars also. The star chart, sky map, identification of different constellations and their present positions were also explained. The recent advances in space technology, manned and un-manned missions to space, mission to Moon, Mars and Jupiter, India’s space research programmes, were some of the other aspects discussed by the resource person. A video on space tourism   was screened while the telescope was being set up for night sky observation. The participants were introduced to a few constellations, planet Mars,   Andromeda, Orion etc.

The observation of Moon, Pegasus some nebulae through the telescope thrilled the audience.