On  28th July, 2014, the MA department went out on a study-trip to visit Sancaole Industrial Estate. 40 students of MA accompanied by the faculty members, Nirmala Rebello, Anthea Mendonsa and Soccorine Rodrigues, visited an industrial shed, which looked like any other———– BUT —this one was very special!   It is run by an NGO called ARZ,(Anyay Rahay Zindagi )  in order to help ‘women in distress’.

ARZ is on a special mission to help women who have been abused and exploited by society and even in their own homes. Each worker there has their own story to relate of a sad and unfortunate past. However, now their lives have found a new meaning and they have found a reason to live.

The co-ordinator, Ms Juliana and the Counsellor, Ms Rekha Yadav, shared their experiences of working with the different individuals. Arz organization not only strives to rescue girls from prostitution by adopting strategies and planning, but also helps them to start life anew. They make sure the girls are safe and their family is informed.

The students were shown how the unit ‘Swift Wash’, a fully automated laundry is run very efficiently by the women who have been rescued by the social organization. The women are trained to handle the different equipment, so that they can continue working and earning for their daily sustenance. The NGO also sees to their accommodation, whilst they continue working at the Laundry.

The visit was truly an eye-opener to those of us who live a comfortable sheltered life and for the MA students who plan to venture out into the helping profession.