The students of Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem, Goa were well represented at the Goa Arts and Literature Festival 2017 at the International Centre, Goa, Donapaula on 8th and 10th December 2017.Sixty-two students attended the festival on the first day and twenty-two students on the third day.

Principal Sr. Aradhana A.C. motivated the students and provided a bus for them. It was an enriching experience for the students who actively participated in the sessions and feasted on the variety of books on display at the venue. The students were accompanied by faculty members Ashwini Kumar and Dr. Brian Mendonca of the Department of English, Carmel College. Dr. Glenis Mendonca, faculty, Department of English, Carmel College was the lead compere at the inauguration of the North East Pavilion at GALF 2017 on the 8th December.