The Department of Psychology organized “Psychofest, 2017” sponsered by Goa Chitra Museum and SMG Realty on the 01st of August, 2017 to the 03rd of August, 2017. The festival was filled with games, competitions and tests of knowledge. With an overwhelming participation across streams, the students showcased their creativity and talent through competitions such as ‘Shout Out!’ (a poster designing competition), ‘Wear your Gratitude’ (a t-shirt painting competition) and Charades. Students also participated in ‘Defend your Theory’ which was to reveal their convincing skills by playing the role of an eminent psychologist. ‘Fastest Foot Forward’, a race to the finish line combined with puzzles and aptitude testing was engulfed with competitive spirit and energy. The highlight of the entire festival was the debate competition on #imagecrafting. Students debated on the importance of our virtual identity in today’s social world. Mr. Derrick Almeida, a senior journalist and Mr. Mahesh Pai, Principal of Goa College of Home Science were invited to judge the event. Dr. Michelle Fernandes, Assistant Professor in Psychology moderated the debate. After a heated session of exchanging viewpoints, the judges declared the team that spoke for #imagecrafting the winners. The ‘Best Speaker’ award was bagged by ShivaniKarki of the TYBA (Psychology). After a nail biting announcement of the winners of every competition, the winners of Psychofest, 2017 were the TYBA (Psychology) students who stood true to their team name, of indeed being ‘Masterminds’. The festival was a success and aspires to continue the legacy.