On the evening of 21st November 2014, Carmel College for Women, Nuvem, organized a programme entitled ‘Experimental Demonstration of Physics Concepts’ for students of neighbouring Higher Secondary Schools as part of their Golden Jubilee celebrations. The Resource person was Prof.B.D.Chakradev, retired Head of the Department and Associate Professor of Physics at Smt. Chandibhai Himmathamal Mansukhani College, Ullasnagar, Mumbai, a well-known activist for the promotion of science in the society for last 30 years. In the past, he has organized over 1400 sessions with demonstration of fascinating science experiments in various schools, colleges and other institutions at various places in India.


The evening saw the magic that Physics churns day in and day out. The students and the other participants were all spellbound by the beauty of Physics, at work in the nature around us. Instruments designed and fabricated by Prof. Chakradev at his home laboratory cum workshop, made the stage a multipurpose lab for light, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism, mechanics etc. Almost 20 concepts in Physics were demonstrated.

Newton’s cradle gave us an insight into principle of conservation of energy, elastic collisions, angular momentum etc. The ultrasonic atomizer set the water boiling and evaporating not by heat waves but by piezoelectric effect. The high rpm motor of a blower helped explain the role of Bernoulli’s principle to keep things afloat and in flight. Mixing of different colours of LED lights helped the students admire the composition of white light and colours of different objects. Small flickering lights that provided a flash for a small camera had the Faraday’s principle of induction play its role in a moving coil with a magnet in it. The Plasma discharge globe had spectacular display of discharge through various demonstrations in flow charge through conducting media.

A total of about 300 participants from colleges and Higher Secondary Schools around Margao attended the programme. 24 Participants of a 15-day Refresher Course on Experimental Physics at Goa University also attended the same. This programme was a part of this Refresher Course in Experimental Physics conducted by Indian Academy of Sciences at Goa University.