The Department of English of Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce organised a one-day literature and language based event “Litzkrieg” on the 1st of October 2015. The student participation for all events was earnest and enthusiastic. The event consisted of three off-stage events and one on-stage event. The off-stage events consisted of Book Cover designing, a crossword puzzle and a poetry writing competition. The first place for the poetry writing competition went to Janice DaCosta from the Second Year B.A and the second place to Vibha Algundgi from the M.A section. The first place for the Crossword puzzle went to Gayle Noronha from the Second Year B.A. The first place for the Book Cover designing went to Crisha DeSouza and Vienna DaCosta from the First Year B.Com class. The annual Carmel College Orator Competition was held as the main on-stage event for the day. Ms. Aditi Silveira and Mrs. Priya Almeida e Goes were invited as judges for the competition. The orator competition saw Melito D’Costa from the M.A section earning himself a third place and Priscilla David from the Third Year B.Sc getting the second place. The first place trophy and title of ‘Carmel College Orator’ went to Ms. Theresa Sambo from the Third Year B.A.