Carmel College for Women, Nuvem and Chowgule College, Margao;  both well known institutions of higher learning in the state of Goa  embarked on a new journey of academic & Research collaboration on Friday, 30th Sept, 2016 when their Departments of Zoology exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding charting out areas of cooperation and partnership to foster academic synergy and excellence.

In an impressive function held at Chowgule college auditorium attended by heads of both the Institutions, faculty members and students of Zoology department, Dr Nanadkumar Sawant & Dr Sr Aradhana AC  signed and exchanged the MoU marking a new beginning of  partnership between the two colleges. The Institutional Heads in a brief address showcased their respective institutional strengths, followed by a presentation on the departmental profile by Dr Nandini Vaz Fernandes of Chowgule College  and Dr Manoj R. Borkar of Carmel College. This was followed up with a presentation on scope of the MoU and the plan of execution.

The collaborating institutions have envisioned faculty & Student exchange,  joint research proposals in areas of  Biodiversity, Ecosystem Monitoring, preparation of Urban Bird inventory, pedagogy workshops for Environmental Studies, courses on Applied Ornithology, organisation of symposia, and community outreach prgrammes towards restoration of nesting ecology of House sparrows in urban environs.

Dr Sawant stressed on the need to have inter institutional collaborations for development of various academic stakeholders , while Dr Sr Aradhana expressed her satisfaction over this new founded partnership between the 2 colleges towards  aiming for mutual academic benefits and optimizing use of resources vested in both institutions.

Dr Nandini the convener of this MoU & Head of Chowgule’s Human Genetics Laboratory shall be sharing her expertise in areas of Animal Biotechnology, whereas Dr Manoj Borkar of the Biodiversity Research Cell of Carmel college has agreed to share his expertise in areas of Endocrinology, Conservation Biology and Biodiversity Impact Assessment. The MoU has a validity of 5 years.