A three days’ Life Saver International First Aid Course certified by St. John’s Ambulance, Wales, and conducted by St. John’s Ambulance Association, Goa team was held at Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem from 31st October to 2nd November 2014. The programme was organised by Equal Opportunity Centre of Carmel College and supported by Rotary Club of Margao Midtown. A total of 25 students participated in the training which was conducted by Rtn. Dr. Jorson Fernandes of Growing Point Margao and his team.


The program started with a brief inaugural attended by Principal Sister Aradhana, Dr. Jorson Fernandes and team, Dr. Lenny of Rotary Club, Mid Town Margao and members of Equal Opportunity Centre of College.


During the training the students learnt theory as well as practical demonstration about different aspects of First Aid. They were made to actively participate in all activities. They were trained how to manage and save life during emergencies like accidents, blasts, burns, snake bites etc. The performance of each student was evaluated through continuous monitoring as well as through theory and practical examinations.


A Short Valedictory function was organised on 3rd day and all the 25 students were awarded certificates for their successful completion. Three students were commended for their outstanding performance. Dr. Lenny of Rotary Club expressed his wish to support this event every year. Sister Aradhana expressed her gratitude to Dr. Jorson and his team for their wonderful training and Dr. Lenny for financial support.


The training course was very informative and useful. All the participants were very happy with the valuable training which will be very useful in day-today life at home, workplace and in every walk of life.