The promise of a bright and beautiful day ushered in the 68th Independence Day celebrations at Carmel College Nuvem. The students of the College and Higher Secondary made their way to the basketball grounds for the flag hoisting ceremony as the music of patriotic songs in Hindi and Konkani rent the early morning air. The 1 Goa Girls’ battalion of the NCC cadets stood at attention as the Chief Guest Dr. Mrs. Philomena Sequeira Antony, former HOD of History Department of Smt. Parvatibai Chowgule College was escorted to the Dais by the Manager, Sr. Maria Christi A.C., Principal, Dr. Sr. Aradhana A.C., and the Staff members. The opening prayer implored God’s blessings on our country placing it in the protective hands of Mary our Mother whose Assumption into heaven is also celebrated on this day.

The Chief Guest, being the ex-student of Carmel College, took the students through the journey of Independence reiterating the selfless service to the Nation rendered by the freedom fighters, especially Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. Her message was loud and clear that we as a nation need to be more responsible in preserving the hard-won freedom of those who had sacrificed their lives for their Motherland expecting no return whatsoever. She exhorted the students to do things that were within their reach to serve the nation in little ways.

Carmel College remembered that Mrs. Antony had brought honour and glory to the college during her student days when she was the first and only student to secure a first class in Goa in B.A. from the Bombay University. The Manager and the Principal felicitated her for this notable accomplishment. The Chief Guest saluted the College and thanked her Alma Mater attributing her success to the Institution and all she had acquired from it. The programme concluded with the NCC song “Hum Sab Bhartiya hain”.