A one day workshop on Idea, Innovation and Skill Development was organized by Carmel College for Women on April 23, 2015 for our college students. Mr. Abhay Bhamaikar, CEO and Founder, Vibrant Skill Sets Solutions, was invited as a resource person. This workshop served as a platform for the exchange and sharing of ideas and experiences among the students. In all 11 students from FYBSc participated in the workshop.

The participants were divided into two groups comprising of five and six students. In order to check the coordination and unity of the group members, Mr. Bhamaikar and his associate gave the task of solving puzzles. The session continued with activities like showing motivational videos that helped the students in building up their confidence and developing their skills/ thinking/perception towards inventions/innovations. He conveyed to the students that innovation is made up of four I’s: Idea, Implementation, Income and Impact. One of the activities also included to know electronic gadgets like mobile phones (wherein a disconnected mobile was given to each group and the group members were asked to see and observe the various parts of it which was later compared with modified version of the same phone).

At the end of the workshop he explained to the students on how an innovator needs to think and find a solution. Also he mentioned to the students about the qualities, like focus, patience, expertise at least in one skill or domain that an innovator has to follow or adopt without giving up.

The resource person chose six students from the workshop as interns for the interview of which two students got selected for one month internship program.